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Editorial: Senseless War Going On

There is a proverb saying “War is what happens when language fails.” This always reminds us of how far we, the Afghans are to understand each other to at least agree on some common terms to end the deadly war in our motherland. It has been for over four decades that Afghans are suffering from senseless war. We should take arms only to defend the country from foreign aggression, not against us. It is forbidden to kill the countrymen from any prospective, religiously and humanitarianly. It’s a shame that we can’t iron out our differences. We are not foreigners and we are not the enemy to each other than why peace and mutual understanding is missing. The Afghan war perhaps has many dimensions, but the Afghans are not worthy of dying in daily violence. The both sides, the Afghan government and the Taliban, a group who seemingly ran out of the talks, must bear in mind that war can’t be won by war. There is already an established diplomatic process that can get us close to a political settlement and political compromise. The Afghan peace process has been highly supported by the international community and especially by the US administration led by President Joe Biden. Though the review of the deal with the Taliban did not conclude, the US already announced its strong support to the diplomatic process that is underway to bring an end to the Afghan war. This is more than a clear indication of Washington’s willingness to stick in the US-initiated peace talks that already opened an historic window of opportunity for the Afghan elites to find a political roadmap to end the vicious ongoing war. Eight Afghans were killed and many more were wounded in just two days of deadly violence in Kabul, the capital city that once was the safest place for the foreigners before war drags on. Without doubt, the level of violence is too high right now around the country. The cycle of this lethal violence is utterly exasperating everyone in the country with exemplifying the indeed for more efforts to make progress in the intra-Afghan talks. At this stage, the Afghan and Taliban peace negotiators have failed to decide on key issues to remove obstacles on the way to the peace, rather they have complicated the talks and taken it to the most uncertain situation. Since they have cut to consult and coordinate, the role of third party could be effective icebreakers for starting meaningful talks. The Afghan politicians out of the government are the best option to resume the talks while urging the opposite side to choose the path towards peace and all parties should discharge their obligations honestly and transparently for the sake of a peaceful Afghanistan.

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