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Editorial: Strive for reconciliation

 Prior to 2019 Presidential polls, the US brokered National Unity Government (NUG) has met its ultimate goals when President Dr. Ashraf Ghani has announced dismissal of Second Deputy Chief Executive Muhammad Mohiqiq. Though in its immediate reaction, the Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah office has termed it one sided act and against of the agreement made at the time of formation of Unity government. In fact the first Deputy Chief Executive is Engineer Muhammad Khan brother of Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal who already entered into an election alliance with President Ghani, therefore, he was didn’t touched. Dismissal of Mohiqiq confirm not only rifts amongst the two tops of unity government but it could be considered a move aimed nothing else sabotaging the peace efforts, which seems to be now returns to its right track. Mohiqiq has already announced his decision of contesting coming Presidential polls for the office of Vice President from the penal of ex-National Security Advisor Haneef Atmar. And on such grounds, he was removed from the office. Mr. Humayoon Jarir a leader of Hizbe Islami Afghanistan headed by Engineer Gulbadin Hekmatyar had welcomed the decision of removing Mohiqiq of his office and insisted on resignation of Abdullah from the office of Chief Executive. It seems that removal from important offices now pushing the power-lust Afghan leaders towards another round of rifts and hostilities. At this stage when the US Special representative Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad has expedited his efforts for peace and reconciliation, therefore, Afghans from rival politico-religious groups needs to remain calm. All of them needs to shun their internal rifts and let peace mediator Zalmay Khalilzad to get his objectives. Now when almost Afghan leaders and their supporters including those who are in occupation of important offices are much more interested in political regrouping in connection with scheduled Presidential elections. These leaders must realize their prime responsibilities, which is to help in the peace efforts- as peace is needed to each and every countrymen. Instead of consuming energies on strange-pulling for power and attractive offices, all Afghans must focus on strengthening hands of all those who are sincerely striving for return of peace and end to violent and terror in the country.

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