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Editorial: They can’t drag us into darkness

Our symbol of unity and national identity – most importantly a home of knowledge to our poor and, rich but endowed Afghan boys and girls, the Kabul University, the pride of our country and a place of brotherhood and sisterhood who bond and teach us unity and the way of living a peaceful and harmony life in the light of education for over a century, was attacked by the terrorists of knowledge with core endeavor to drag us into darkness. Afghanistan lost its 22 young beautiful souls. The terrorists murdered them in cold blood. Their books burnt – their dreams and lives shattered – their families broken – their classrooms smashed with blood stained walls – the bullets covered their bodies, books and pens. This absolutely captures the brutal war against education, and light over evil. This is the second deadly attack on education institutions in Kabul after a suicide bomber near a tutoring center a fortnight ago killed 24, most of them were teen students. A brazen attempt by the enemies of education, but can’t plunge Afghanistan into darkness. We have to stand strong and work hard for a day to see the pen and book is held with no bullet shell in sight. The bleeding Afghanistan surely has the zeal to overcome these tough times with sincere help from the security agencies. We must not give in to what the terrorists want – the door of this sacred place “Kabul University” must remain open. To end this senseless violence, the Afghan government must remain vigilant as violence becomes a daily reality across all parts of this nation. No one can name a place that wasn’t attacked. The new frontline is everywhere. Only way to put an end to the bloodbath, is to redouble efforts to achieve dignified peace. We can’t win war by waging more war. The Kabul administration must not allow anyone to hinder or sabotage the peace process and this is of utmost importance to purely and comprehensively investigate the nature of Kabul University attack. International bodies have to come to the fore to investigate this tragedy and push for justice. The international community must support the right to education and education institutions must be kept out of political gambits and reduction of violence lead to a ceasefire must be pressed. Entirely, attack on light of knowledge, the Kabul University, is a blatant assault on education and a work of the enemies of the Islam, a religious that made education obligatory to all Muslims, boys and girls.

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