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Editorial: Time to mobilize against terrorists

To have peace in the world, we need to have leaders who are thinking for peace, making efforts to achieve it—don’t contingent on promises only, but takes bold action in finding those elements who are not favoring peace, rather engaged in evil act directly, or supporting this evil groups covertly—that kills and wounds the innocent people globally. There are plenty of terrorist groups, in which Islamic State, also known as Daesh terrorist, Taliban, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram terrorist outfits are the deadliest and famous among them. These groups are busy in destructive activity on daily basis, even don’t’ show mercy to the children and women. Targeting public institutions is not crime, as repeatedly these groups killed and wounded a large number of people in shopping malls, sport stadiums, schools, universities, mosques, and etc…Reason behind these attacks are to unleash their terror. Basically, all of them adhere to same ideology of mass destruction under several names. The objective of terrorism is terrorism indeed. Today people around the world wonder that why certain extreme groups resort to violence acts and destroy properties in the pursuit of their goals and objectives. To understand why those committed would carry such terroristic acts, it is imperative for the international community to find its breeding grounds.  Terrorism intends to cause a chronic state of psychological vulnerability and instability in the targeted population. Death and destruction are merely a mean to achieve these ends. Some explains, by and large, terrorism is a form of psychological warfare that intends to diminish the will of the people and influence their collective frame of mind against the establishment government.  Terror is an attention-seeking monster. It breeds or recognition—the type of recognition one sees when one turns the television on, or picks up the newspaper, or even opens up a website. But today, they (militants) gave a free rein to their evil activities by targeting a peaceful city. At least 22 people, including children, were killed and more than 50 wounded in an explosion at the end of a concert in the England’s city Manchester on Monday. This was the deadliest assault in Britain since four bombers killed 52 people in suicide bombings on London’s transport system in July 2005. Militants are killing more people in less develop country. Large numbers of people are dying in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and other war-hit countries. Recently, 11 people from single family were killed in Afghanistan. Today (Tuesday) around 10 Afghan security forces were killed in terrorist attack. One thing which is very common is “condemn”. Hundreds of people killed in Afghanistan and other countries, but leaders turned their faces with mere condemnation. Bereaved families don’t buy condemnation anymore. Action by super power countries have to take to eliminate terrorists, as revenge to the killing of at least 22 people in Britain, and also to hundreds of innocent people killed in the prolong war in Afghanistan, and other countries. To get rid of terrorists, we need to overcome its sponsors. Surely, Britain, the US, and other development countries, including South Asian, are better understood that the militant hideouts situated in which country. Top leaders of the militants killed in which soil, is also much known to us all. This would be a great injustice to the bloods of innocent people if world don’t take action against those countries that openly supporting, and harboring militants. Time is ripe for the all states to mobilize against terrorist outfits, and eliminate them for its nest.

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