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Editorial: Tragedy in Nuristan

Flash floods hit several villages in Nuristan on Thursday. As many as sixty people have been found dead and over a hundred missing in Kamdish district where hundreds of houses have been reduced to rubble.

Even though there is no official report about the victims and media outlets publish conflicting tolls relying on local witnesses who tell different numbers without knowing about the exact tolls.

Nuristan has been located in the eastern part of the country and is surrounded by high mountains covered by natural forests. Almost the entire province has been formed of long and narrow valleys that are more vulnerable by natural incidents such as floods that flow from high mountains after melting of snow or torrential rainfall.

Unfortunately, this is among the least developed provinces with the government paying less attention for development programs and job opportunities there, despite golden opportunities that the province offer such as a unique natural beauty and nice weather in the summer time.

The province is too threatened by terrorist groups, but has been less affected by Taliban’s recent surge of attacks comparing to its neighboring provinces like Laghman and Kunar.

The disaster hit the province and took our brothers and sisters from us and destroyed huge number of houses, orchards, jungles and farmlands while the government in Kabul is kept busy by useless and nonsense political games and competitions and officials around President Ghani have no time to see and hear what is happening in the country and what miseries people are suffering.

Taliban’s attacks on districts all around the country, the withdrawal of foreign forces who were strong supporting sources to Kabul and insider political rivalries are considered as major elements keeping government officials away from their responsibilities for the people and that how to meet their problems.

But the people are surely with their affected brothers and sisters in Nuristan and feel their pains and sufferings. The prayers and thoughts of every Afghan is with the residents of flood-hit areas.

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