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Editorial: Trump’s insulting remarks

US President Donald Trump’s meeting with Pakistan’s Imran Khan has manifested two dimensions—one what he believes that can win war in Afghanistan by killing millions—second about Pakistan that did nothing for US even by getting 1.3 billion dollars. The first point, is utterly sensitive for the government of Afghanistan and the people. Trump’s claim he could easily win the war but didn’t want to kill 10 million people, is absolutely out of diplomatic norms and standards with a complete insult to Afghanistan—a state that has been the victim of imposed war for long years. His remarks sparked upset and outrage among Afghans and Kabul administration given the multifaceted relationship between Afghanistan and US, has sought for clarification. In strongest words, National Unity Government said the Afghan nation has not and will never allow any foreign power to determine its fate. The relationship between Kabul and Washington is stand based on mutual respects, and the government has assured to follow the case through diplomatic channels, and will keep the Afghan public updated on the issue. The issue must be tailed as Afghans felt humiliating. The Afghan masses not only trusted Americans to help them in war against terror, rather stood with US administration and honestly supported it in this regard. US entered Afghanistan 18 years go to eliminate terrorist groups, and enjoyed sincere support from Afghan sides. However, it is totally shocked to see that Trump is threatening Afghans with genocide. If war was a viable solution, Afghanistan would be the safest place today on the surface of the world. The more you kill, the more take weapon against you. It is a proved fact that wars only settled through dialogues, and the Afghans support US peace efforts despite President Ashraf Ghani is furious about being continually sidelined in the talks. Expectations were that President Trump will pressurize Imran Khan for harboring terrorist groups on their soil. Pakistan was the Taliban’s chief sponsor before US toppled down their regime in the 2001. The scenario did not change even today. For instances, key Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders were killed in Pakistani soil. From Osama Bin-Laden to Mullah Omar and Akhtar Mansoor to several other leaders of terrorist groups either killed, wounded or captured alive while operating on Pakistani soil. Absolutely injustice to turn blind eye over several statements come out from President Trump accusing Pakistan of doing nothing but lie and deceive in the global campaign of war on terror. It was better for President Trump to be remained firm on his stance. It’s better for him to come up to the fore and correct his statement with saying, war in Afghanistan could be ended within 10 days if US to kill millions of people in Pakistan by targeting terrorist groups hideouts there.

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