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Editorial: Unfriendly neighbors

While the government and people of Afghanistan make efforts for more strengthening the so-existing ties with the neighboring countries, authorities of the latter countries, unfortunately, seem not to welcome the efforts and are trying to display an unfriendly image to their war-torn neighbor.

The recent Moscow session in which diplomats from Russia, China and Pakistan gathered to discuss what was called “situation in Afghanistan” was the newest example of our neighbors’ interference in our affairs. The three states announced they would suggest for the removal of the Taliban’s leadership from the United Nations black list at the UN session.

This is clear to them that Taliban is an insurgent group waging a bloody war against the legitimate government, killing Afghan security forces, civil government servants and ordinary people. Considering this, why do they decide to support the group, while having diplomatic relations with the government and having embassies in Kabul?

Also, a Pakistani diplomat called Iran’s part for “the peace process of Afghanistan” to be fully considered. Rostam Shah Mohmand, a former Pakistan ambassador to Kabul has said these words in an interview with the Iranian state-run news agency (IRNA).

Afghanistan’s neighboring countries should realize that the fight against Taliban and any other opposition armed group is an international campaign, and they also need to join the mission.

They can help Afghan government by different ways if they do not like to face the insurgents on the ground. They should not let the militants use their territories, keep the rebels of their nations to join insurgents and avoid any type of support to the insurgent groups, if they want to have a peaceful and secure country in their neighborhood.

Mohmand’s remarks are weird to the Afghans, who consider it a kind of proxy statement for another country. While Islamabad is a supporter of the Afghan insurgents’, the diplomat’s words are interpreted to invite Tehran to join in interfering the Afghan affairs.

Supporting Taliban insurgents does not mean to help the peace process in Afghanistan. Any kind of such statement means help the armed opposition groups and keep Afghanistan busy in war, more people being killed and the ground being provided for the drug mafia that is not in their benefit. Their youth are addicted to the narcotics produced in Afghanistan.

It is obvious that a secure and stable Afghanistan helps the region to be stable. Our neighbors do not have to spend millions of dollars in fighting terrorism on their borders, struggling narcotics export to their countries from where it reaches Europe, and banning illegal migration from Afghanistan.

The neighboring countries can talk to Afghan government if they really want to help the “peace process”, not to talk to the insurgents. Talking to militants mean establishing a parallel government in Afghanistan.

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