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Editorial: Victims need justice, not sympathy

What we know about violence against women so far. How it occurs and what is the reason mainly behind it. We need to look at all these conceptions in order to fight the violence against them. Women are suffering from several forms of violence such as sexual, emotional, psychological and financial abuse. Since a large number of Afghans are under the poverty line, the women and children are more prone to domestic and family violence. There is no clear mechanism to element or at least bring down the level of domestic violence. Other forms of violence including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life, are so visible, not only in Afghanistan but around the world. Unfortunately, violent behavior is part of a range of tactics to exercise power and control over women. Unfortunately, in Afghanistan physical violence that includes slaps, hits, punches, kicking, twisting of arms, choking, burnt or stabbed has taken the lives of over hundred of women. Around 136 women were killed in different provinces of Afghanistan in the past one year due to family violence. This has been increased to 50 percent compared to the past year when 90 women had been killed. Furthermore, coronavirus-related lockdowns that held men at homes, caused an increase in family violence that even resulted in murders. Moreover, 7,000 cases of violence against women were registered in the outgoing year, and 4,000 of them were referred to judiciary for prosecution. Another 1,300 cases of beating up were recorded during the same period of time, followed by escaping from the house. The victims are looking for justice, and expect this from the country’s judicial organs. They become tired of sympathy and impunity. They want justice. Other dimensions like conservative social traditions, culture of impunity, poor governance, lack of female judges, illiteracy, and the most important the role of influential people is considered the major reason behind increased in violence against women. Domestic violence is indeed a criminal act and any behavior that causes the victim to live in fear is unacceptable based on the principles of human rights. Women, like men, have the right to live free of fear and any discrimination on their part is a big humanitarianly and religiously crime. No man will allow violence against his mother, but he does against his own wife that she is the mother of his own children. Violence is not destroying only the victim’s life, but whole family members, including the children. There is a need to always remember that violence does not solve any problems rather add to it. 

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