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Editorial: War is ugly; son killed father

Afghanistan was once considered one of the most stable countries on the surface of this planet. With broad and popular culture, the economic situation used to be better off than most of its neighbors. It was home to all Afghans who had high literacy levels. The average life expectancy was quite good, and level of poverty was almost zero. Security situation was more than good. There was no fear, the masses were running their daily activities smoothly. However, these blessings did not last and Afghanistan plunged into perpetual hostilities, which have been ongoing for over 40 years now with no end seen in sight. War destroyed Afghanistan completely and its infrastructure were washed away by the imposed hostilities. Soon after 2001, hopes were again raised among Afghan leaders and masses to rebuild their country. Taliban regime collapsed and international community and especially the United States of America rolled up its sleeves to help Afghanistan in all areas, including security and development. Construction and reconstruction process kicked off, and everyone spared no effort to rebuild their motherland. However, the Taliban did not eliminate completely as the re-mobilized later. They remerged after 2006 with more brutal faces and immediately started inhumane and terrorist attacks against Afghan and foreign forces, as well as innocent civilians. Since then until now, lives in Afghanistan have been getting uneven and many Afghans, including schoolchildren, men, women and elders have been killed and wounded in different terrorist attacks claimed by the Taliban group. The most irritating and grievous is when a son, who is a Taliban fighter, killed his father, who was head of public uprising forces. According to officials in Jawzjan province, Feraidoon is a Taliban fighter who with other militants attacked the checkpoint led by his father, Baz Mohammad, in the Faizabad district. He immediately killed his father after arresting him. Mohammad was a commander of the public uprising forces and lost 13 of his members in the attack. Nothing could be worse than this. This is ugly face of war. This indicates how deep the trouble is while showing that Afghanistan is a broken country beyond repair. How a son could kill his father—other than a brutal one who has no knowledge of humanity and only knows bloodshed. This is the real face of Taliban fighters, despite their leaders are conducting peace talks with the US in Doha of Qatar. With the US close to reach a deal with the Taliban, it’s important for its leaders to stop the emboldened fighters from ushering in a new wave of strictest and extremist version of Islam. The Holy Religious of Islam never allowed the killing of an innocent human being, irrespective of their beliefs. How a son could kill father who brought him in this world. This mentality of Taliban fighters is deeply troublesome that reveals their dishonesty in the ongoing peace process and gives the right to the citizens to fear this vicious group.

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