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Editorial: We can taste success when we are united

We all would have learned and lessons on different occasions about freedom fighters stories and they were successful in almost every stage. Narrating their stories and struggles, one can easily find that they stood unitedly in worse situations that eventually led them to enjoy the taste of success. Today, Afghans are requiring unity more than any other time to protect the motherland and restore peace and stability in the country. Security situation in Afghanistan is getting worse and the sworn enemies and the proxies are hell-bent to destroy the war-hit country, but that’s not that simple and their nefarious design would dash to the ground. The Afghan and the brave Afghan security forces have full knowledge of their enemies and will confront them till the last blood drop. We will fight them unitedly and we would only be able to achieve our freedom and eliminate our enemies if we stood beside each other unitedly. Unity is a power that lies within ourselves and without doubt being united helps in many ways and sometimes can do wonders. We must start spreading awareness about unity as it’s the biggest strength of people. We should educate them that unity is our strength and it means oneness and togetherness that no enemies or destructive forces can break us apart. There is a famous proverb saying “you can’t break a heap of brick, but you can break a single brick” – this is a great reminder for the Afghan elites and politicians to not waste time in blaming each other as the country is facing a great test. If the Afghan leaders taste the real meaning of unity and realize it from the bottom of heart, they can fight any problem sufficiently. Many Afghan leaders have already armed with heavy and light weapons and are fighting against the Taliban and this is the most appropriate move of unity in defending the motherland. Undoubtedly, the Afghans have paid the high price for peace and showed all out readiness for talks with the Taliban, but instead war has been imposed and the Taliban received clean check to travel to some countries that at somehow the US-centered peace talks, which is very fragile and unproductive, resulted into legitimizing the insurgent group instead to help achieve peace and put an end to the longest and deadliest war in Afghanistan. The innocent Afghans, who become fed up with war, have faced an unexpected situation in the last four months as violence unprecedentedly surged inflicting huge human losses and property damage. Since we are in the toughest period of our history the Afghan political leaders must seek unity which is the only way forward to get rid of the current miseries and receive a historic victory against proxy forces.

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