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Editorial: We pay tribute to our security forces

Our security forces braved terrorism in the day of Ashura to protect hundreds of thousands of mourners of Imam Hussain’s (A.S.) martyrdom anniversary in a peaceful and secure atmosphere. The whole country especially capital Kabul was at an unanticipated peace. Many feared terrorist attacks on Yaumul Ashura; none happened though thanks to vigilance, grit and gallantry of our security forces who helped the public forces in bracing the entire Shia neighborhoods.

The enemies of the Afghans’ unity and their masters in the foreign countries who cannot see and tolerate them (Afghans) living brotherly, were already poised to disrupt the Ashura ceremony by carrying out attacks against the mosques and other gatherings, but the vigilant security and intelligence forces foiled the attacks.

This was not an ordinary job, and our police, army and intelligence forces saved the lives of thousands of civilians as the enemies particularly the Daesh terrorist group had planned for several attacks. The intelligence and security forces arrested several of terrorists ready for suicide attacks and seized explosives in their hideouts in Kabul city just a couple of days prior to the Ashura.

As President Ashraf Ghani stated, Shiites and Sunnis in Afghanistan have the same fate and they are never separated from each other, when a Shiite is killed or injured, his Sunni friend is the first one who cries for him or helps him get recovered by making any kind of efforts even donating blood.

Most of the security forces were Sunnis who put their lives in danger to provide security for their Shiite brothers during the Ashura ceremony, and that is a clear example of unity in the country.

But our home is under continued threat by the terrorist groups and this is not only the Shiites being targeted, but dozens of Sunnis are the victims of these anti-human attacks, the terrorist attack against people who were staging demonstration in the Mohmand Dara district of Nangarhar province shows that terrorists just want to kill Afghans.

So, we need to be always aware against the enemy’s plots and quickly thwart their deadly attacks and save the people’s lives. The people are grateful for the very good Ashura security that was well managed, and we call such preparations be held every day.

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