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Editorial: What an illusion

Since the process of US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan has begun, the Taliban, a group the Afghan government is trying to seek peace with, and other terrorist groups are now daydreaming with false impressions that they are closer than ever to a military victory. This mindset indeed is dangerous and absolute against the prospect of the US-Taliban peace deal that was signed last year to allow the withdrawal of American troops in exchange for concessions by the militants that also opened ways for the intra-Afghan talks. The Taliban also assured to cut ties with al-Qaida. Unfortunately, the Doha talks between Afghan and Taliban representatives is apparently a big failure and the Taliban also reluctant to join the Turkey conference as they already boycotted blaming the US for not leaving Afghanistan on first of May, a deadline made by the former US President Donald Trump. But the US troops will leave till September 11. Taliban is no more interested to follow dialogue for a peaceful end to the bloodshed rather they intensified war in which at least 63 civilians were killed in Taliban attacks in the last two weeks. With sandiness, the Taliban’s military momentum and the finalization date for foreign troops withdrawal, somehow have reinforced the Taliban’s narrative of its political and military ascendancy. Taliban already declared victory and are very happy as they are on the verge of taking over Afghanistan as proof that they defeated US and NATO forces. It’s as though there are no Afghan security forces. Without doubt, the unilaterally and irresponsible US drawdown would have negative consequences, but it never means the collapse of the country. The Afghan people stand with their Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and they are much capable at the moment to protect the country. Of course war will intensify, this time it would be much bloodier from the past, but the innocent lives could be saved if the Taliban change the road and instead take foreign troops withdrawal as glad tiding to end the Afghan war through negotiations. The Taliban must bear in mind that there are around 20 terrorist groups and if they did not agree for political settlement, these groups would not only embolden but also prove dangerous as they would not hesitate a minute to engage in violence. Even the Taliban would regret once other terrorist groups remerge and launch large-scale attacks even against the Taliban. The only reasonable way forward is a political path to peace otherwise the violence is senseless and the victims are the civilians only.

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