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Editorial: Will this work?

Indeed, restoration of peace will take time, but defiantly it will come. Any peace deal requires patient and hard work. Moreover, a step-by-step course to test bona fides, build confidence, reduce violence and encourage the difficult negotiations in which the Afghans themselves determine the political future of their country. Since the start of peace talks, the people of Afghans, even the government were not taken on board. The Afghans were totally isolated in the peace talks between US and Taliban that called off by President Trump after a Taliban bomber killed 12 innocent Afghans including one American soldier in downtown of Kabul. Trump in that time said that Taliban don’t have desire to end the war. However, now Trump in a fresh tweet message said that he hopes the release of two professors by the Taliban on Tuesday will “pave the way” for a ceasefire and help facilitate peace in Afghanistan. He said they have joined families of Kevin King and Tim Weeks to celebrate their release from Taliban captivity, with a hope this leads to more good things on the peace front like a ceasefire that will help end this long war. This tweet is encouraging as it indicated that Trump still looking for political settlement in Afghanistan as military means would bring nothing but more devastation. Kevin King, 63, from the US, and Timothy Weeks, 50, from Australia, were professors at the American University in Afghanistan in Kabul and were abducted by the Haqqani Network in August 2016. Both were freed by the Taliban in the southern province of Zabul, in return the Afghan government freed three Haqqani commanders, Anas Haqqani, Haji Mail Khan and Hafiz Rashid. Peace is the only demand of the Afghan people like everyone else in this planet. This conflict has gone on for long years. Afghans become fed up with this war, and desperately want this war to be ended. The Taliban, of course, did rule Afghanistan before. It was a brutal regime. Women in particular weren’t allowed to leave homes or get education. But still the Afghans want this group to be reintegrated into civil society. The Taliban must bear in mind that today Afghanistan is utterly different from what it was in 1996 or 2001. The absolute majority of the people support just endurable peace but unfortunately the war is being imposed on us. Millions of younger generation, Afghans, boys and girls, have received education… Afghanistan has the potential to contribute not only to the wellbeing of its own people but to the region as well. Potentially, Afghanistan is a rich country, never undermine it.

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