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Editorial: World needs to realize its responsibilities

Afghanistan is no doubts to be one amongst top of global community, badly affected by imposed wars and external hostilities. From over last four decades, its people are living amidst sounds of blasts, explosions and indiscriminate firing with modern and sophisticated weapons. There is no any data of war victims like killed people, widows, orphans and others who have lost their organs. Each and every moment, violent acts are occurring, leaving behind scores of victims. Since late 90’s each and every government made commitments regarding putting at esteem ‘miseries of these war victims’ on top of its priorities but in practice nothing is visible. Each and every one in the country is talking about highest number of war victims and confirms failure of governments and leaders regarding plans for the betterment of these people. Even there is no any arrangements of help and assistance for the families of those army men or police personnel who are losing lives in the line of duties. And as a result widows, orphans and other close relatives of these hero’s and defenders of the motherland are suffering. Instead of focusing on education, children of war and terror victims could be witnessed as beggars at bazaars, streets or roads or in auto mobile workshops. Similarly, women from dignified and respectable families after losing of bread earners are ahead with miserable lives and discrimination. No one could neglect or no one could ignore global community especially European, Far Eastern and some of Middle East countries tremendous support in revival of war devastated infrastructures and reconstruction process in Afghanistan. But no one can oppose the fact that some of big powers are interested in fuelling and continuation of wars/hostilities in Afghanistan. Its leaders and policy makers are ignoring plights of those who made helpless by prolong war and violence on their motherland. At early years, some of the affected families were rehabilitated but from last several years arrangements on the part of government for the welfare of these people is very disappointing. As a result number of helpless women, street children and even drug addicts are increasing day by day. At the moment when the United States through its special envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad is focusing all attentions on peace talks, therefore, it needs to help in evolving a strategy for the better future of these war victims. Like of rest of civilized world, these war made widows, orphans and disabled having the right of dignified lives, standard education and health facilities and others. The Afghan leadership needs to realize their responsibilities regarding addressing genuine needs of these helpless people, which is essential for each and every one of this war affected country.

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