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Editorial: Youth is the future

Last day the former President Hamid Karzai in a meeting with the youth representatives held at his office, called the youth as the mighty wealth of the country and said, “Afghanistan would have a bright future with the help of capable youth.” No doubt, the youth, and the future could always be linked, because none can exist in the absence of another. Youth is a significant symbol of strength, and persistence in any society around the world. A nation that fails to invest in the millions of young people is a doomed nation. Without engaging youth in productive activities, their potential to become thought leaders, inspirable and peace-builders would be lost. Unfortunately, today we find a number of youth who are engaged in non-productive activities. In the absence of vision, and goal of life, they choose to spend their precious time doing drugs, and playing video games and sitting at home in front of televisions playing games all the day instead of studying or going to work. The youth of 70s clearly demonstrates the capabilities of the power of unity with a purpose, and strength of profound minds. The young heroes and heroines of that time had definitely changed the socio-political landscape. The youth of that time should not only be celebrated, they should be imitated in many ways. The youth of 2018 should take some time to meditate on the example the youth of 70s has set for them, and the sacrifices they made to make it possible for today’s youth to enjoy certain privileges in today’s education system. It is very disturbing to see how today youth underestimates the importance of education. President Mandela once said, “Without education, your children can never really meet the challenges they will face.” Our children, and youth must be given a modern education and explain that they should be a role for their country. The youth of 2018 should wake up to the reality of today’s challenges and difficulties. Today we face unemployment, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and organized crimes. Youth has to take a stand against anything, and everything that threatens the possibilities of a brighter future. If we compare the youth of 70s as young lines, then the youth of today should be compared with young eagles. The today’s youth must learn to have a vision and focus as an eagle to restore peace and stability to our war-hit country. President Ashraf Ghani is known for his pro-youth policies and encourages them in every sector. The government must launch some sort of productive initiatives to empower, train and educate our youth in order to make them good and skilled citizens. We are in need to make the youth as the compelling agents of change. A wide-range network of well-equipped polytechnic colleges, and institutes should be established across the country to equip our youth with skills. Almost students of polytechnic colleges are capable to establish micro-business and factories. It must be applied to Afghanistan. The government and overall leadership of the country have to come to the fore to engage and lead the youth on right and visionary track—a track that lead to a peaceful and prosperous Loy Afghanistan, and provide them with all possible opportunities and facilities.

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