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Education ministry to employ 13,000 people

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Ministry of Education said Tuesday that it would employ 13,000 to fill the vacancies in its departments across the country.

“All vacancies in the capital and provinces will be filled soon,” education minister Assadullah Hanif Balkhi said.

He said that competitive exams were in progress in different provinces to fill the empty vacant.

But our problem in the insecure areas will remain unsolved where schools are closed or teachers are not ready to go there, he added.

He stated that the ministry would strive hard to provide encouragement salaries for teachers in insecure areas.

“After the end of hiring process, if we fail to fill the empty posts in insecure areas, we will divide 50 percent of the posts to the cities of the provinces based on requirements.”

The rest 50 percent posts will be kept standby, because if the schools reopen in the area, they would be provided with teachers, he noted.

The minister said that an agreement signed with the labor ministry would make clear their responsibilities regarding vocational training schools and institutes.

He said that based on the agreement, students under the age of 18, would be covered by the ministry’s institutes and those older would go under the vocational schools of ministry of labor.

“We are working on a draft to generate vocational training after ninth class at schools and motivate students to follow their lessons in vocational training institute after ninth class,” he asserted.

The education ministry has 296 vocational institutes and 52 higher vocational ones, where thousands of students across the country are being trained.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Nasrin Oryakhil, said that the ministry would establish 36 new vocational training institutes to train the youth in accordance with the needs of the time.

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