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Election results within days

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KABUL: The special auditing process of the disputed votes have been completed, the Independent Election Commission said, adding that the final results of the September 28th presidential election would be announced within three, or four days.

IEC Commissioner Haneef Danishiar on Monday said that based on initial reports about 95 percent of the disputed votes had no standard problems. “We can assure you that within three or four days, the final results will be announced.”

The special auditing includes 10 percent of 137, 000 doubtful votes and around 15 percent of 102 votes, which are said that had casted out of time.

According to the Independent Election Complaints Commission, if 65 percent of the disputed votes complete the standard measures, the votes would be declared valid, otherwise, they would go through serious recounting and monitoring process.

The recounting processes have been completed in seven of nine provinces.

This comes as the “Stability and Partnership” electoral team, led by Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has opposed the special auditing process, saying that it would not accept the rigged election results.

The IEC has conducted the process in the absence of the electoral watchdogs, said a senior member of the team, Fazal Ahmad Manawi. But the election commission argues that the process has been conducted with the presence of IECC and candidates observers.

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