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Enlightenment Movement boycotts election

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KABUL: The Enlightenment Movement on Monday announced boycotting of the Saturday presidential election.

The movement’s senior member, Ahmad Behzad said that nobody from the Enlighten Movement would go to polling stations to vote.

Behzad said that the national unity government did not meet the demands made by the movement, corruption was rising and the September 28 would be full of fraud.

In 2016, tens of members of the movement were killed and more than 200 injured when a suicide bomber targeted their peaceful rally in Kabul.

The government subsequently promised to investigate the incident, but now the movement members say that no investigation was made yet.

The Enlighten Movement was established by people who protested a government move that changed the route of a power line transmission from the central provinces to the impassable mountainous areas in the north.

The line was planned to transmit 100 megawatt of electricity from Tajikistan to Pakistan, but the project faced a lull in practice.

Behzad addressed the movement supporters in Kabul that the election was already architected and a certain electoral ticket would win the polls through fraud and corruption.

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