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Ex-President’s Daughter Sees Political Mobilization Key to Peace

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KABUL: The daughter of former President, Dr. Najibullah Ahmadzai has called on the Afghan leaders for political besiegement, stressing on the importance of mobilization as the country is in its historic period of peace making.

Heela Najibullah said that the Afghan peace process was out of the government’s control. She said that the Taliban should be asked to define their demands. According to her, only the former Mujahideen leaders are able to find out what the Taliban exactly want.

Heela Najibullah accused the Taliban of lacking independence. “(We should) recognize those who are behind the Taliban,” she said. “The former Mujahideen’s should say it loudly that who were those, who asked them to destroy the system.”

She called the inclusion of all political aspects and women necessary in the peace process.

But a member of the high council for national reconciliation said that the Taliban’s demands are different from the Mujahideens. He said that the people of Afghanistan didn’t want the establishment of the Emirate System in the country.

The Taliban are purportedly emphasized on formation of a new system with their inclusion in the upcoming administration.

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