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Fallouts of Warduj fall: Taliban recruits schoolchildren to fight

AT-KABUL: Taliban militants have shut dozens of schools in Warduj district of northern Badakhshan province, officials said on Monday. Taliban has started recruiting students to fight against their very much own homeland.

The acting governor of Badakhshan, Shah Waliullah Adeeb, said that Taliban militants have recruited numerous students to fight for them in the battlefield. The insurgents have closed all schools in Warduj after it fell to the Taliban militants a month ago. “Soon after the fall, they started recruiting children and sending them to the war zones. This is the reason that whenever Taliban are being killed or wounded, it has been found most of them were underage,” he said.

Security officials have confirmed most of those captured alive and killed in the battlefield in Warduj were underage.

The head of Badakhshan education department Abdul Raziq Tariq, said that almost 10,000 students were banned from going to schools in Warduj district.

“The closure of schools has affected up to 40 percent girls students.

Tariq urged the government should take steps to eliminate the Taliban and ensure smooth running of education services in the region.

Officials at the Warduj education department said that over 90 schools have been closed which is affecting the education of nearly 10,000 students.

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