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Female cyclists pedal from Bamyan to Kabul for change in power project route

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: Two young girls biked more than 100 kilometers from Bamyan province to Kabul, conveying the massage of justice to the government about the transition of the 500 kw electricity line through Bamyan province instead of Salang.

Zakia Mohammadi and Golsum Zahra, two members of National Cycling Federation started riding on Sunday 10 am from Bamyan province and arrived in Kabul on Monday at 9:45am.

They brought two lamps as gift of Bamyan people to the president to transit the TUTAP electricity line through that province.

Mohammadi said that people of Bamyan were deprived of electricity and they hope to have electricity like other people.

“People of this province gave us two lamps as civil protest to the president,” she said.

She added that they pedaled all the night despite insecurity on their way.

“We want the government to provide electricity for the needy people of Bamyan and develop the equal development, said Gulsum Zahra, another cyclist.

“We came here to submit the gifts of Bamyan people (two lamps) to President Ashraf Ghani and we hope he would pay attention to the appeal of this province.”

TUTAP electricity project has been changed to a controversial issue after that presidential office approved to transit the 500 kw electricity line trough Salang hillside to Kabul.

Earlier tens of thousands of Hazara ethnic people staged civil protest in capital of Kabul and asked government to revise its decision for transmission of electricity line through Bamyan province.

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