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Female education complex opened in Kabul

By Akhtar M.Nikzad-KABUL: The first-ever female education complex named ‘Moraa University and High School’ started in Kabul with the aim of providing primary and higher education for the girls who are forbidden from attendance in the mixed learning institutes due to social taboos.

The complex was invested by around eight million dollars in which 12,000 students can study.

Head of the complex Azizullah Amin said that the university would pave ground for girls who are deprived of education due to family constrains.

“Unfortunately, a great number of talented girls are excluded from education due to some social restrains and they are not allowed to attend and obtain education in the mixed educational centers and actually its violation of women rights, therefore I preferred to set up a special female education center to pave the ground for these girls and women,” he asserted.

He added that 250 girls had been so far enrolled there.

The Mora complex education center included school, medical science, administration and business, computer science, education and training, library, dormitory with capacity of 960 girls, kindergarten , hospital and other facilities.

“Our fee is the lowest rate in compare to the other mixed universities and schools and it is for encouragement of girls to get advantage of education in suitable environment,” Amin added.

First Lady Rula Ghani termed the center a great development for supporting women’s rights, saying that establishment of the complex education center was a considerable achievement for girls.

“The families in the current occasion do not permit their girls to go to school or university due to social challenges and traditional taboos, hence I appreciate from this measure to encourage the families to allow their girls to learn education in an appropriate environment,” she reckoned.

Farida Mohmand, Minister of Higher Education, said that for prevention of violation against female students in the higher education centers, the higher ministry has drafted a policy to avoid from harassment and annoyance of female.

“So far, the quality of education of the private university is observed in a serious manner and the higher education is gravely against low quality of education,” she added.

Inside 36 governmental universities, so far 126 private universities provide education services for people in the country.

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