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Female employees to decrease further, if harassment continues: MoWA warns

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) on Sunday expressed deepest concern over rampant of harassment on women at workplace in governmental and non-governmental offices. It said that if the harassment did not control, women employees would be decreased in governmental offices.

“Harassment on women at workplace has been increased enough, and it would lead into reduction of female employees from the current 22 percent to 21 or 20,” Deputy of MoWA, Spoghmai Wardak said.

Speaking at a press conference titled “policy reforms for women in government,” she said that the ministry in cooperation with the related organs planned to enlarge women presence in government organizations to 30 percent.

She furthered, “lack and weak implementation of policies for women in different organs, low education, lack of work capacity, corruption and other culturally issues are the key elements behind women percentage to be remained 22 percents in the country.”

“Harassment of women by men caused them to lose their confidence in workplace,” she noted.

She came up with an example as saying, “a young and qualified girl working at government offices wanted to leave her job after two months of work due to harassments posed by her male colleagues”

“Based on report those men, who hired through nepotism or introduced by a powerful figures are mostly behind harassment of women,” she claimed.

She urged all people and organs to collaborate with the MoWA in order to cope the challenges, particularly, women harassment in workplace aimed at boosting up women employees percentage in government organs across the country.

“Enough policies have been drafted accordance with the need of women, but not implemented by the government,” she said, emphasizing that the need for practicing of strategies in order to empower women in the country.

It seems that all of the points of the agreement that had already been reached to evaluate women’s harassments were null and void.

It is worth mentioning that “policy reforms for women in government” organized by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) at the frame of promote project.

The two day conference was attended by women officials from different governmental organs to identify policy reform in areas that would support hospitable working environment for women in government.

The USAID in collaboration with the ministry and the independent agencies would work to reform areas of the policy encouraging women to work in government offices.

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