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Editorial: Finally – covid-19 vaccine

Russia is prematurely declaring victory in the race for a vaccine against Covid-19. The country (Russia) became the first in the world to approve a possible vaccine against the virus. It is a global pandemic, in which more than 741,420 people have lost their lives, battling the virus and according to Johns Hopkins University, 20,294,901 are globally infected with the deadly disease. Afghanistan too suffered from the virus. Afghanistan has 37,345 confirmed cases since the start of the virus almost six months ago. 1,354 Afghan patients lost their lives to the virus and 26,694 others recovered. Afghan Health Ministry said Wednesday that it has registered 76 new coronavirus cases from 418 samples tested in the last 24 hours. During this period, the ministry also reported 10 new deaths from covid-19. There is no cure for this novel virus and has no specific treatment but to find a vaccine. In this race, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin announced the vaccine for the coronavirus, saying that the vaccine works effectively enough that his own daughter had taken it. He also thanked the scientists who developed the vaccine for this first very important step for Russia itself and generally for the world. A large numbers of countries in the world were locked in a global race for a vaccine, but so far no development has been made. The US is making all out efforts to develop a vaccine, however it fails so far and Russia, its main rival, is trying to snatch a victory by cutting coroners. Though, Mr. Putin said the vaccine had passed all the required checks, even his daughter had already been given it, however, there is skipping large-scale clinical trials, it has raised widespread concern that it is circumventing vital steps and potentially endangering people. Amid fears that safety could have been compromised, the World Health Organization last week urged Russia to follow the international guidelines for producing a vaccine. Despite rapid progress, most experts think any vaccine would not become widely available until mid-2021. However, Russia’s claim of vaccine formation has made people in the world very much optimistic to finally get a cure against the virus. Russia has planned to start mass vaccination in October.

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