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Ghani Consults with Politicians to Accelerate Peace Efforts

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KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani has started consultations with the members of parliament and some political figures aiming in accelerating and strengthening of the ongoing peace efforts.

The consultations coincide with the restarting of peace negotiations between Afghanistan and Taliban after a long delay.

Ghani believes that Afghanistan was in a better situation for peace than any other time in the past.

“Afghanistan is in a better situation to reach peace than any other time and more consultations will take place with the parliament in the next months. This is an opportunity especially the NATO decision for their withdrawal. This is a big message to those who think that people beg them for peace,” Ghani said.

Some lawmakers had complained in the past that they were not consulted regarding the peace process.

Earlier, Parliament Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani had formed a commission led by him to work on peace, but his decision was rejected by other members of the house.

“We believe that Taliban are the main responsible for stopping of the peace talks, they left the negotiation table after offering conditions that are not acceptable for the people of Afghanistan and doesn’t help peace either. They are seeking their personal interests,” Rahmani said in a meeting with Ghani.

Ghani met with former government and jihadi leaders with the aim of ending violence.

Dawa Khan Minapal, deputy spokesman for the president, said Wednesday that Ghani held meetings with former president Hamid Karzai, Karzai’s deputies Karim Khalili and Younus Qanooni and jihad leader Mohammad Mohaqeq.

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