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Ghor residents suffering from shortage of potable water

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KABUL: Residents of Ghor province are suffering from shortage of drinking water, saying that they face health problems because of drinking unclean water.

A large number of villages in northeast of Ferozkoh, the provincial capital, do not have access to roads and health facilities.

Abdul Qasim, a religious scholar in Shovich area, said Saturday that the resident carried drinking water by donkeys from a far distance. “We drink the water of snow and rain. We bring snow, melt it and then drink it,” he said. “But when there is no snow, it takes six to seven hours to bring water on donkeys.”

Shovich, a remote area with 72 villages is sharing borders with the provinces Faryab and Badghis, in the north.

A resident of Takhandi-e-Lufra village, Faqir Ahmad Yusufi said that they face serious health problems because they do not have access to health treatment centers. “Last year, the children infected with an unknown disease. More than 15 children were lost in each village.” he said. “When we face a disease, we take our patients by donkeys to Faryab province or Lolash district.”

Abdul Latif Rahimi, provincial public health director confirmed the challenges for the residents. “We have two active medical centers in Shovich and Lufra,” he said. “There are problems because the villages are not connected to each others, the roads are difficult to pass.”

Drinking unclean water poses Tuberculosis and Diarrhea for the human body, especially for the children, Rahimi said.

Masoma Anwari, provincial deputy director of social affairs said the government considered the resolving of these challenges in next year’s budget. “The problems are recognized,” she said. “We are working on the plans now. The government in cooperation with Action Against Hunger organization will soon provide drinking water for the people.”

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