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Ghor security to beef up ahead of elections

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KABUL: Military operations have been underway in Ghor province in the past one month to clear the province form the presence of militants and pave the ground for the residents to cast their votes in the upcoming presidential elections in a peaceful atmosphere.

Ghor Governor Ghulam Nasir Khaze said the public uprising forces have also joined the operations. He said that dozens of militants have been killed in the operations.

“We have had good achievements in the operations. Over 90 militants were killed in the operations,” the governor was quoted by TOLONews, as saying.

According to public uprising forces, the Taliban attacked western parts of the province around two months ago, and now operations with help of Afghan security forces have been on full card to push them back.

 “We will continue our operations. We will defend our country,” said Yasin, member of public uprising forces.

“We call on the government to help security forces in their operations,” said Karim, member of public uprising forces in Ghor.

The operations are underway in four areas including Jam, Maidanak, Bara Khana and Baidan areas along Herat-Ghor highway, Ghor Police Chief Mohammad Amin Ahmadzai said.

“We have launched ground and air operations in the western parts of Feroz Koh [city] in which the militants have suffered heavy losses,” he said.

The ongoing military operations would be continued until the province get rid of militants, and become safer for the residents to exercise their democratic rights by participating in 28th presidential elections in a peaceful environment.

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