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GIZ Suspends Operations in Afghanistan: Local Employees Arrested, Concerns Rise

AT Kabul: German Development Agency Temporarily Halts Activities; Calls for Continued Presence of Humanitarian Organizations

German media has reported that four local employees of The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) have been arrested in Afghanistan, leading the organization to temporarily suspend its operations in the country.

GIZ, known for providing development and stabilization assistance to the Afghan people, has played a crucial role in collaborating with technical schools and the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI). The deputy head of ACCI, Mohammad Younus Momand, expressed the desire for the organization’s continuation, citing Afghanistan’s ample investment opportunities.

Economic analysts stress the importance of such organizations in Afghanistan, emphasizing that the Islamic Emirate should facilitate their activities. Abdul Naseer Reshtia, an economic analyst, stated, “The Islamic Emirate should strive to provide facilities so that humanitarian organizations in Afghanistan can operate.”

While the Islamic Emirate has not commented on the arrests of GIZ’s local employees and the suspension of operations, the Ministry of Economy asserts that foreign aid organizations are welcome to operate in Afghanistan as long as they align with the national interests of the country. Abdul Latif Nazari, Deputy Minister of Economy, emphasized, “Support for aid organizations and providing them operational facilities are the top policies of the Islamic Emirate, but their operations should not be in violation of the national interests of Afghanistan.”

Notably, the Ministry of Economy had previously reported that over 220 local and foreign aid organizations ceased operations in the past year, highlighting the evolving landscape of humanitarian efforts in the region. The situation raises concerns about the challenges faced by such organizations and the potential impact on the broader assistance landscape in Afghanistan.

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