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Government leaders urged to prefer national interest

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Police Chief of southern Kandahar province has said that leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) have manipulated the entire country for the sake of their individual interests.

Gen. Abdul Razzeq said this at a gathering held in Kandahar city, the provincial capital, in which government officials, Wolesi Jirga members, local leaders, and tribal elders from the Loy Kandahar region were participated.

He pointed fingers over many weaknesses within the government which need to be addressed. He emphasized on lawmakers to work for the reformation and strength of the government system.

“It is not the Taliban regime who did whatever wanted, the police chief said, asking the government leaders to understand the situation.

Razzeq called on the lawmakers to bring the government under accountability being the representatives of people because the common people couldn’t have access the required capacity to keep the government accountable.

He came hard over all those, including the government leaders, who are making attempts for dividing the Afghans on ethnic and linguistic bases and termed them as enemies of Afghanistan.

Moreover, Lawmaker Lalai Hameedzai said the Turkey-born alliance was made for personal agenda of some individuals and its objective was to divide the Afghan people.

In addition to that, Firs Deputy Speaker, Mohammad Humayon  Humayon also  accused the government leaders for spreading differences among people.

However, he pointed out that they could continue efforts for reforms rather derailing the government.


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