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Government plans to guard power pylons

Three perpetrators arrested on charge of destroying power pylons in Parwan

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KABUL: The government is planning to appoint guards to protect the power pylons as Afghanistan has recently been hit with shortage of electricity due to the destruction of power pylons in north of the country.

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat in northern Parwan province, Rohullah Sajid said that the plan to provide guards for the power pylons was mulled by the office of First Vice President.

Sajid said two security guards would be appointed for each power pylon. The salary of the guards would be around 5,000 AFs per month.

Salang district chief, Agha Shireen Nadeem said the security guards would be recruited by the district police commandments to guard the power pylons and they will be managed and controlled by the intelligence units of the security agencies.

Nadeem added that 162 people have been appointed for protection of 81 power pylons in Salang district.

This comes as Parwan Police Chief on Monday said that three perpetrators of the attack on power pylons were arrested by the security forces in Salang district of the province.

The development comes as recently more power pylons have been destroyed in the country, resulting in power outage to Kabul and other provinces of the country. This comes as more than 30 power pylons have been blown up mainly in northern provinces of the country.

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