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Governors face AGO on graft charges

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KABUL: Four incumbent and former governors were introduced to the Attorney General Office by the Afghanistan Ombudsperson Office on charge of corruption in the budget formed for the pandemic Covid-19.

The Office was formed by President Ashraf Ghani to counter administrative corruption and monitor the activities of government officials.

The Ombudsperson Office said that in addition to the governors, some other financial and procurement officials were also introduced to the AGO.

The authorities include the active governor of Wardak, Abdulmobbin Muzafaruddin, active governor of Badakhshan, Zakaria Soda, former governor of Nuristan, Hafiz Abdulqayum and former governor of Heart, Abdulqayum Rahimi.

Ghizaal Haresss, Head of Ombudsperson Office said, “While money was allocated to combat coronavirus, some provinces purchased beds, mobiles and 75-inch TV.”

The organization earlier introduced former minister of public health, Ferozuddin Feroz along with his three deputies to the AGO on charge of misusing authority and corruption.

Referring to active deputies of the health ministry, Wahiddulah Majroh, Shafiqullah Shahim and Mamosai Ziwar, Feroz said on Facebook that they have been victimized for being committed to their people and integrity duty. “It is disappointing that instead of being praised, you were insulted and disrespected,” he said.

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