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Govt fails to ensure security: Sayyaf

Let mujhedeen defend their country, ex-jihaidi leader

AT-KABUL: Former jihadi leader and member of Afghanistan’s Protection and Stability Council APSC, Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf called on the government to let mujahedeen join the Afghan security forces to defend national sovereignty and the people. He believes that lack of mujahedeen role in defense organs was a key reason behind growing insecurity in the country. Speaking at a gathering to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the Soviet troops’ drawdown from Afghanistan, Sayyaf asked the government to give mujhedeen a part in defending the country.

“The security situation is getting worse, because the government deliberately or in ignorance has tied up the hands of the mujahedeen,” he said.  “Government has failed to maintain security in the country.”

“Let mujhedeen defend their country,” he said, adding that if the government failed to secure the national sovereignty and defend the country, then the responsibility of what could happen at the future would be at hands of those who have bound the hands and legs of the people.

Sayyaf added that if people were not allowed to mobilize against the enemy, then they leave with no option but to take action by themselves, and defend their soil.  “This will undoubtedly case to disorder where we don’t put our weight behind it,” Sayyaf said.

He also informed of a plan designed by jihadi commanders for security and economic development of the country. “I will soon share it with people and the government,” he said, referring to the development plan drafted by them.

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