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Govt must focus on good governance to reach real democracy: Rana Think Tank

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Political experts on Tuesday in a monthly meeting of the Rana Think Tank urged the government to put the good governance on the top of its agenda to reach to real democracy.

The experts believed that without good governance, democracy cannot be respected and protected in a sustainable manner in Afghanistan.

The implementation of democracy relies on a conducive and enabling environment to be include appropriate legal frameworks, institutions as well as political, managerial and administrative will prepared responsible processes to be accountable according to current situation of Afghanistan.

The analysts believed that the interconnection between governance, good governance, sustainable development and democracy sequentially must be digested very well in the country.

Afghanistan is not at the condition to put on top prior the democracy in order to practice real democracy in a society. It is essential in advance to foster governance and good governance to promote economic and latter focus over democracy. Good governance can promote economic development.  After fostering good governance Afghan should concentrate to real democracy to give the citizens the idea to monitor and evaluate the performance of government, and to remove officials and representatives who do not serve the public interest or not reinforce law.

If in a society the reality of poverty, injustice, and misrules is dominating, then focusing on democracy is meaningless.

“Wrong imagination to reach to democracy must be stopped, instead fist governance and good governance must be concentrated,” said President Advisor in Local Governance Affairs Sareer Ahmad Barmak.

He said that Afghanistan condition is not fit to the democracy, which we imagine, in advance it is required to strengthen governance and good govern ace in order to reach real democracy.

In advance we must digest very well governance and good governance and latter move toward modernization, he added.

Locality governance is also part of good governance, which needs to be concentrated for betterment, he noted.

He said that with weak economic and lack of capacities and system we can’t reach real democracy.

As 30 years’ war pushed this country back, thus we strictly need to run capacity building programs and train human sources in different fields particular in good governance aspect, he asserted.

Due to security, political and some other challenges majority of the cadres are engaged in working in capital, and there is no enough qualified figures in local governance in most of the remote districts, which negatively impact in the society, he claimed.

He highlighted that we need to train cadres and sent them to the remote district in order to have the capability to identify locality challenges and take measures for solution.

Everything is available in the country and there is no need to escape to abroad, just it is needed to we wake up and work for our country, he mentioned.

We must learn everything institutionally not artificially to prove to the foreigners, that we can and then stop foreigners from interference, he elaborated.

We must learn where should stop foreigners interference and where should not, he hinted.

He said that we failed to prove our capability thus foreigners interfere in everything.

He came up with an example he said that our universities graduate medical doctors, but never graduate medical engineers to repair medical instrument, adding that while our medical instrument broken down, we must take it to Pakistan or India, so it is essential to the universities to consider all aspect of a fields and train students in different related fields to reach self-reliance and prove capabilities.

Pointing to Ex-president Hamid Karzai popularity, he said that at least a leader like former president Karzai we have today that everyone from every ethnic want to refer to him, his/her problem and seek solution

Mr. Barmak said that currently we are on right truck and will move forward.

Pointing to five-year strategy, titled the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF) discussed in Brussels, he said that if this program implemented Afghanistan will gain enough achievements.

Meanwhile, Ex-Governor of Kabul Abdul Jabar Taqwa said that experienced showed that, when a president changed in Afghanistan and new team came to the power, never followed last teams’ policies, so it is required of each new team to bring positive reforms and revise the policies in positive.

He said that each new team, which come to the rule must implement the last positive policies with more positive reforms.

Imitation is another challenge in different aspect of governance, which lead the country to wrong ways, thus required of governmental organs to plan everything accordance to Afghanistan condition in the frame of Afghanistan, he insisted.

Likewise, number of Rana Think Thank participants insisted over fostering of people culture in different aspect of social, environment and practice of governance and good governance in order to lead the country toward a better future.

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