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Govt seeks tribal elders’ support in peace process

AT-KABUL: Advisor to President Ashraf Ghani on Tribal Affairs in a consultative meeting with tribal elders on Monday urged them to support the government in the reconciliation process with the Taliban insurgents.

Tribal elders from different districts of Kabul province came together to benefit the government of their suggestions on improvement of the law and order situation. The president’s advisor Younas Hotak said that the tribal elders have significant role to play in maintaining peace and stability in the country.

He said the consultative session was aimed to receive counsel and viewpoint of the elders on improvement of security situation. The elders discussed their problems and capabilities to facilitate the peace process.

Hotak said that the government would hold a large meeting where hundreds of tribal elders will participate. “In the first phase the government will resolve problems of the elders and later act on their proposals for improvement of security,” the presidential advisor said.

In the history of Afghanistan, tribal elders had played positive role in ensuring peace and strengthening the national unity, he said, adding that if the public do not cooperate with the government then the government would have to face serious challenges.

He went on to say that the government would garner public support to invite the anti-government forces for peace talks. Emphasizing on the role of tribal elders to approach the Taliban, he said that those who are ready to renounce violence would be made part of the reconciliation process and those who are not ready to accept the Constitution would be dealt with iron hands. Hotak said that the tribal elders would stand against the insurgents.

This was the first time that the National Unity Government invited the tribal elders to seek advice on peace parleys and security.

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