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Govt to curb unemployment as mass exodus continues

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Ministry of Information and Culture said on Sunday that efforts would be hold by different ministries to meet unemployment challenges in order to prevent youth migration to abroad.

Deputy Culture minister Kamal Sadat said: “We have discussed with all related ministries to find a solution for the unemployment and encourage the youth not to escape from the country.”

“We strived hard to seek ways to provide youth with job facilities in abroad as well,” Sadat said, without elaborating.

Pointing to foreign labor forces in Afghanistan, he insisted that the governmental and nongovernmental organs should prioritize Afghans in hiring.

He encouraged the youth to stay at home, saying that it was younger generation’s responsibility to work inside the country in order to lead it towards development.

Another culture ministry official Feda Mohammad Fayez said: “Appreciating the youth for their works aims to motivate young generation moving toward further success throughout the country.”

He said that efforts would be made to create an address under the name of ‘house of thinking’ to gather elite youth for sharing their experiences.

Some of the youth asked for the government’s further supportive programs to encourage them to stay home and work for peace and development.

About 200,000 of the youth left the country last year mostly due to the security and job problems despite being aware of the dangers threatening their lives on the way to Europe.

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