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Gunmen plunder houses, beat locals in Ghor: Residents

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: More than 100 gunmen led by Abdul Aziz, an attorney in Tolak district of western Ghor province, commander Mohammad and Mullah Noor, members of Guzar tribe, have started beating residents and plundering houses in the district for the past 10 days, said a number of local residents.

According to the residents, member of a monitory tribe in the district, Chishti, were beaten and tortured by members of Guzar tribe after their fuel were burned in the area related to Chishti tribe.

They said a number of men and women were beaten by gunmen which one of the women has lost her six-month child. “A number of gunmen related to an attorney named Abdul Aziz have been sent to Distasat village of Tolak district to do a number of illegal acts there including sexual abuse, beating, looting cattle and so on,” Radio Azadi quoted residents of Ghor on Tuesday, as saying. “A number of firewood laden on a donkey was burned in our village which was related to the tribe of the attorney, thus more than 100 gunmen flocked to our area and tortured the residents. We want justice from the government,” the residents said.

In the meantime, the spokesman for acting governor of Ghor, Abdul Hai Khatibi, confirmed the incident and said the problem was solved by interference of the government. But he did not provide more details in this regard. “A delegation from the governor’s office and the district was sent to the area and resolved the issue two days back,” he said as quoted by Radio Azadi.

However, member of provincial council in the district, Abdul Basir Qadiri, said the act by the gunmen is brutal and inhuman, and no step has been taken by the government to overcome this problem.

Expressing concern over the issue, he said the district would fall into the hand of the Taliban and militia that are loyal to the Taliban militants, if the government remained reluctant in this regard. “The incident is a sample of tens of other incidents where rights of residents are violated. Most of such incidents are not covered by media. The government should pay heed attention in this regard,” he added.

Tolak is among populous districts of Ghor, located in a distance of 109 kilometers from Chighchiran, the capital city of the province. The district shares border with Chisht district of western Herat province. It is said that there are around 10,000 illegal guns in Tolak district.

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