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Heavy clashes going on after Taliban attacked Kunduz city

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KABUL: Taliban fighters attacked northern Kunduz city today early mooring from different directions and heavy clashes going on between Afghan forces and the militants in and around the city.

Ministry of Defense (MoD) Spokesman Rohullah Ahmadzai said that hundreds of Taliban massively has attacked Kunduz city from three directions at 1:30am today early morning.

He said that Taliban took position in hospital and the areas where are mostly civilians.

The Afghan National and Security Defense Forces (ANDSF) carefully continue operations to avoid civilian casualties.

In the area, where there are no civilians like Zakhil area Afghan forces in coordination with coalition forces conducted airstrikes and killed 26 Taliban fighters, he added.

He said that in the city operation is going on carefully in some area attacks repelled.

He stated that Afghan forces incurred heavy casualty to the enemy, only in two areas where the Taliban use civilians as human shield and in hospital where militants took the patients hostage, Afghan forces continue operation with caution to prevent civilian casualties.

Operation is going on in Kunduz and it will take a little bit more time in order to protect civilians, he noted.

MoD Deputy Spokesman Fawad Aman said that 32 Taliban insurgents were surrendered to Afghan forces in Kunduz city.

Kunduz Police Spokesman Sarwar Husaini, while confirming attack in Kunduz city, said that Taliban dead bodies left in Pul-e-Shinwari and Kala Gaw area in 2nd PD and the insurgents had fled the area.

Ministry of Interior (MoI) in a statement said that police special forces have also reached Kunduz City and the clearance operation ongoing in the vicinity of the Kunduz City, “the Taliban terrorists have been using people’s house as their hideouts.”

Statement said that eight Taliban terrorists were killed during ground operation of the ANDSF in the vicinity of the Kunduz City. Aerial and ground raids are ongoing in Kunduz to clear the city from Taliban terrorist’s presence.

Statement said that 26 Taliban terrorists killed in airstrikes carried out by Afghan Aerial Forces (AAF) in Pul Shinwari, Zakhil, Kala Qaw and Qahwa Khana regions of the Kunduz City.

President Spokesman in twitter Seddiq Seddiqi said that Security forces are repelling the Taliban attack on some parts of Kunduz city; their top priority is to protect the civilians. As always the Taliban has taken positions in civilian areas.

Feroz Bashari Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) in a statement said that 26 Taliban fighters were killed in the first air strike in Zakhail area of Kunduz. We are doing our best to prevent civilian casualties. Taliban are using civilians as human shields.

He said that second air strike on khakani area Kunduz killed seven more Taliban fighters. Fresh troops just arrived. We are doing everything to prevent civilian casualties and protect them from any potential Taliban attacks.

ANP Special Forces 555 and 333 units are on the way to Kunduz to repel Taliban attacks. Will get there shortly he added.

He said that Taliban have held civilians including patients captives in a hospital in Kunduz. ANDSF has cordoned off the hospital.

Taliban confirmed their fighters attack over Kunduz city the group‘s Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid in tweeter said that large scale attacks underway on Kunduz capital from four directions.

It is pertained to mention that Taliban had attacked Kunduz city in 2015, which they entered to the city, but their attacks in 2016 over Kunduz had pushed back by Afghan forces.

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