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Herat Governor Warns Cleric of Daesh-Supporting Statements

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KABUL: Sayed Wahid Qatali, governor for Herat province in the west reacted to the statements made by Mojib Ansari, a religious scholar in the province, saying that Herat was not used as a Daesh terrorist producing place.

Ansari had earlier denounced serving in the Afghan government and army as a “big sin”.

“At a time when Iran is producing atom and oil, the United Arab Emirates is seeking ways to travel to space and Saudi Arabia plans to build a bride city, Herat is not a place for producing Daesh,” Qatali said Saturday.

 “You blasted the electricity pylon with the help of your nephew, but nobody blamed you. Is this Islam to beat up a bride? Holding gun is not your work, it is the work of those who presented two million martyrs.”

Qatali went on to say: “Terror can come and fly heir flags over this city when we are all dead. We gave our bloods to make the city secure. We will not allow Daesh to come to this city even if our blood is shed. Please stop serving Daesh, shame on you.”

He said that people were tired of war and terror, adding that the time when some persons were propagandizing extremist opinions is passed now.

Ansari had said that those clerics who support the Afghan government “are worse than Jews and Christians”, but governor Qatali answered that the people who speak for Daesh are Jews.

Ansari had called on the Afghan troops to quit jobs in the army and police even if they die of starvation.

His comments were followed by lots of reactions on the Social Media.

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