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Human beings; the saviors or the destroyers?

By Nusrat Rahimi-Human beings possess tremendous potential within, human life is endowed with boundless power and vast creativity. We as human beings have been evolved into higher forms and are able to accomplish incredible things. We can almost accomplish any goal any objective, history has witnessed it (yet what did we learn from history? Except adapting more methods for annihilation, more methods of hatred, we didn’t learn why great civilizations were destroyed, why great civilizations were extinguished, why there is too much hatred among human beings.“Aldous Huxley said that men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history.”

We as a whole realize that we have brains, our brains can distinguish between good and evil, love and hatred, development and destruction,and our brains can chose the right path the right course of action. What is the problem? Why can’t we be impeccable? Is there any valid reason? Why we wouldn’t have the capacity to live in peace, because with our current course of action we have destroyed this beautiful world. “Albert Einstein said that the world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking”.

Our dilemma is we abruptly blame others for everything, but in reality we ourselves are to be blamed because we are also responsible, we all have our fair share in it, one way or another we all have been playing our active role in the destruction in creating division, or we are complicit by doing nothing, and unfortunately we have achieved nothing from this blame game except we have created more and more hatred among human beings, and this hatred will not go easily, it surely will be transferredto future generations. Okay let’s say that past generations were less advanced less sophisticated but, we claim that we are evolved, and became much sophisticated much technologically advanced much civilized, but if we are on the samepath like past generations, then what legacy are we leaving behind for future generations? More and more hatred? More and more weapons of destructions, more invisible walls between hearts. At some point our current attitude, our current course of action will start WWIII and then who can we blame?

“Oscar Wilde said every saint has a past and every sinner has future”. Indeed there are human beings which are affected to an extent, they prefer hatred over love, evil for good, their mind set is destructive and etc. Agreed, that some are more responsible than others they have participated more actively than others, but why then, human beings which are fine, not affected, not influenced by this sickness, attempt to assist them, to make them useful members of the society? If human beings with fine brains can fly to moon, can think of traveling faster than light, almost cure any disease, why are they not endeavoring   to discover a cure for this ailment. Which is significantly more critical and need our utmost attention because if the people with fine brains, the people who have control over their dark sides they cannot provide assistance to the affected ones, then unfortunately we cannot achieve what is needed and what is required, and soon we would have completely destroyed this planet and we would destroy human beings and humanity (what is left of it).

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