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‘Human Rights’ should be more focused during peace talks

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KABUL: As the peace talks are back on track with US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Kahlilzad, has resumed Taliban negotiations in Qatar’s capital Doha, the human rights defenders are worried about the possible violation of freedom and civil rights that has been gained during past two decades.

UN Special Representative for Afghanistan and head of UNAMA, Tadamichi Yamamoto in a gathering has expressed concerns regarding the human rights achievements, saying that these gains should be saved in the ongoing negotiation with the Taliban.

He called on the National Security Council to consider perseverance of human and civil rights in talks with the Taliban

“We are moving shoulder by shoulder with Afghanistan and we are committed to our joint cooperation,” he said, adding, “Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission’s role is very important in the peace process, every voice that raise should be heard and rights of the victims should be observed.”

Expressing anxious about the children’s rights and protection of public utilities Yamamoto, said “children‘s rights should be preserved. Attacks on the hospitals and schools are unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, Europe Union’s representative, Pierre Mayaudon has also emphasized on perseverance of civil rights and freedom of speech in the peace talks, saying that related sides in the Afghan war that committed war crimes and involved in civilians’ casualties should be held accountable.

“We should consider implementation of law. Human rights should be support by international communities,” he said, adding “criminal groups should understand that journalists are impartial and they work in the aspect of human rights.”

Moreover, head of AIHRC, Shaharzad Akbar has called on the Taliban to legislatively recognize the values of human rights.

“The commission wants the violence to be ended,” she said, adding, “The simple way for reaching our goal is peace, which is comprehensive, youth and women play a role in it and human rights should be observed it.”

This comes as Ashraf Ghani’s Second Vice President, Sarwar Danish has emphasized that proper ground should be paved for implementation of human rights and rule of law in Afghanistan.

There are massive concerns about the violation of achievements of human rights and freedom of speech in the peace negotiation with the Taliban militants. The Taliban has back in 1990 ruled Afghanistan with the sever restriction on girls and school students.   

The cultural Taboos and less freedom of women are one of the other key issues that have brought sever concerns from Afghan and foreign officials. 

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