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Human Rights Watch worried about Afghan women’s condition

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KABUL: The Human Rights Watch expresses concerns over the conidtion of Afghan women, predicting their future as challenging. It says that Afghan women still don’t have access to their basic rights.

Heather Barr, a senior human rights researcher and head of the Human Rights Watch in Asia, said that donor states need to continue assistance to Afghanistan even after the foriegn troop withdrawal.

She called for investigation of those government and non-government who have ignored jobs in helping vulnerable people.

Ms. Barr mentioned the new law in thee US Congress that allows secretary of state to report about condition of Afghan women twice a year, calling the law as good opportunity to provide budget for basic services for Afghan women.

But some women’s right activists in Afghanistan accuse the international community of not working basic works in Afghanistan.

Fattana Gilani, head of Afghan women’s association, said that such statements could pressure responsible bodies to resolve women’s problems.

“For ensuring of Afghan women’s rights, it is necessary that international community and human rights organizations pressure the war parties to end war,” she said..

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