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Hurricane of troubles hit Badakhshan’s displaced families

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The families which have been displaced as a result of insecurity and conflicts in Warduj, Jurm and Yumgan districts of northeastern Badakhshan province are living under tents and in rental houses in Baharak district while facing several problems.

Azadi Radio on Monday quoted a number of the families as saying that their houses were changed into frontline of war and they were pushed to leave their houses and reside in other districts while facing lack of foodstuff and burning fuel. “The conflicts between Afghan security forces and the Taliban militants displaced hundreds of families and made their life miserable,” the internally displaced persons (IDPs) said.

The deputy of acting governor of Badakhshan, Gul Mohammad Bidar, said that more than 200 families have been displaced as a result of unrest in Kiran-o-Manjan, Yumgan, Jurm and Wraduj districts.

He said that around 70 displaced families have been provided houses with two rooms by the UNHCR in Baharak district. He added that food items and winter aid were also distributed to the displaced families in the province.

He underlined that the IDPs need more assistance and need more attention by the related organizations.

According to him, Baharak has witnessed heavy snowfalls in past few days that resulted in closure of its ways to Faizabad city.

Earlier, a number of displaced families in Ab Barik district of Badakhshan criticized the government and welfare organizations for not providing aid to vulnerable people.

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