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ICRC voices concern over Taliban warning

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Wednesday it was concerned about a recent threat of the Taliban against the global panel.

The Taliban recently declared an intention to withdraw their security commitment to the International Red Cross, accusing it of negligence towards situation of prisoners.

ICRC spokeswoman in Afghanistan, Roya Mosavi, said, “We are really concerned about the security and safety of our colleague, working on the fields. We are concerned about the effects, which this warning would have on humanitarian services for people who suffer from conflict. “We would like to prefer bilateral and secret talks with Taliban to seek solution.”

Taliban in a statement published in their website said that as the main aim of the International Red Cross activities in Afghanistan is to help the victims of the conflict and defend their human rights. The protection of basic human and legal values of thousands of prisoners in Afghanistan prisons is also part of this covenant but unfortunately the international assistance received by this organization in this regard is spent in such matters that does not comply with their core services or focus on the basic problems and essential services that are their formal responsibilities.

The most blatant example of this negligence is non observance of hunger strike by thousands of prisoners in Charkhi prison where hundreds of prisoners have gone into coma over the past ten days and their lives are severely threatened. The International Red Cross has not taken any medical and legal measures concerning the problems faced by the prisoners as well as dozens of other severely sick inmates who cannot be treated in the prison hospital or are deliberately withheld from treatment by prison officials, resulting in the martyrdom of many over the past few months. All this while many other patients continue facing serious threats to their lives. The International Red Cross however has not made any arrangements to treat the prisoners or demand the prison officials provide proper medical care for the patients.

Therefore the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan announces the withdrawal of security commitment that had given to the International Red Cross for their activities in Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate henceforth does not guarantee the protection of their lives and property until they come to an agreement with the Islamic Emirate to correct their actions. Other international organizations working in Afghanistan should also take notice and understand that if they indulge in trivial or other irrelevant activities instead of focusing on the main needs of the oppressed people, the Islamic Emirate will treat them in a similar fashion as the decision taken against the Red Cross.

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