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“IEC, Ghani team colluding systematic fraud”

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KABUL: The Stability and Partnership electoral team, led by Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has accused some unnamed figures in the Independent Election Commission of colluding with President Ashraf Ghani’s team for presided and organized the systematic fraud in the voting process.

Addressing a press conference, second vice president for Abdullah’s team, Assadullah Saadati called the IEC’s work as poor and unhealthy, saying that despite efforts by the electoral teams to prevent fraudulence, the management in the IEC has been worsen.

He emphasized on the invalidation of non-biometric votes, saying that the only way to ensure the accuracy in the election is the counting of biometric votes.

He claimed that the IEC has been registering the non-biometric votes into the system and that such implementations are in contrast with the electoral law.

“We notice yesterday, the entering of fraudulent votes was underway and if this continues, our team will stand against any suspicious acts,” he said, adding, “we assure the people of not letting anyone to break the law including the commission.”

Saadati called on the IEC to prevent the counting the non-biometric votes and keep its impartiality in the process.

This comes as the US embassy in Kabul has also emphasized on the votes, which have gone through biometric devices. “We strongly support Afghanistan IEC and ECC upholding procedures in Afghan elections by reaffirming only votes validated by biometric verification will count,” US embassy twitted last week.

Moreover, Deputy US ambassador Karen Decker has recently visited the National Tally Center and said there is no place for fraud in the Afghan presidential election.

The IEC has earlier said that it would not rely on the non-biometric votes in the voting process.

The Afghan presidential election was held on September 28th. Thousands of Afghans has dared to take part in the election despite massive threats and security challenges across the country.

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