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Improvement in education system sought

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The Movement for Support of Quality Education Afghanistan (MSQEA), a cluster of civil rights organizations, on Sunday urged the government to provide free education to citizens and bring significant improvement in the country’s education system.

Pursuing the objectives—Equitable, Inclusive and Free Education—the MSQEA expressed its concerns over current condition of the education sector and stressed that despite efforts of the government still Afghan children to access standard education.

Speaking at the press conference, Chief of MSQEA, Mohammad Rahim Jami, said that in the past 15 years the government initiated many steps for improvement of education system and huge mass of children profited, but access to quality education still remains a dream.

He said 11 million children are going to schools, 17,000 schools provide education and 217,000 teachers are busy in educated the children.

He stressed that despite these efforts education is not comprehensive and equitable for all children. He asked the government to overhaul the education system.

The MSQEA also provided a 15-year package (guideline) to Ministry of Education for provision of equitable, inclusive and free education service to all children up to 2030.

Second Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mohammad Mohaqiq, said that children were facing several problems and the current education system was not meeting the needs.

Emphasizing over standardization of education in the country, he pointed out that government is determined to fill the considered gaps based on international standards.

He termed lack of skilled instructors, standard curriculum and schools as major problems in front of the education system and urged the donors to cooperate.

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