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Insecurity caused $9b loss to Afghan national economy: Report

By Akhtar M.Nikzad-KABUL: The cost of insecurity and extremism last year in Afghanistan estimated around $9.091 billion and detracted from resources needed for developmental projects, says a report issued by the Equality for Peace and Democracy.

The report tells about cost of conflict and violent extremism in Afghanistan in 2014. The report found out that insecurity and violent extremism in the country inflicted $9.091 billion cost to the national economy of Afghanistan.

The report says that conflict and violent extremism inflicted heavy damages in fields of infrastructure system, education, healthcare services, reintegration, human capital and earning potential and a large section of the budget is allocated for conflict against the Taliban insurgents.

Deputy Director of the EPD, Edrees Omarzad, said that the ongoing conflict has created considerable financial and economical costs for Afghanistan, the region and international community.

Quoting the report as reference, he said that for Afghanistan, without calculating macro-economical implementations, the cost of one year conflict and violent extremism was around $9.091 billion.

“This figure is the equivalent of 44 percent of Afghanistan Gross Domestic Product and it is approximately 113 percent of total of Afghanistan 1394 national budget, amount to roughly four times the Afghan movement’s revenue collection target,” he explained.

He stressed that the public resource invested in security sector are diverted from much-needed public services such as education and healthcare.

The research on conflict and violent extremism focused over eight categories including security, reintegration, and compensation for casualties, human capital and earning potential, injuries and disability, education, loss of infrastructure, and displacement and refugees.

Najiba Ayubi, Director of Killid Group, said the cost of conflict and violent extremism in 2015 might be higher than 2014 because in the current year the conflict has expanded to majority parts of the country and the Taliban insurgents started direct offensive. “If any research is conducted regarding the conflict cost, it may be a considerable figure.”

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