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Insecurity irks Kunduz investors

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KABUL: After a long-term delay in formation of the new cabinet by the national unity government and the leadership of key posts by caretakers, security situation was faced with several hurdles. In northern Kunduz province, a number of investors said kidnapping and security threats are surging and this has irked their business.

The investors during a session warned that would stop their activities if the government remained reluctant to address their challenges and maintain law-and-order in the province.

“We have gathered here in the provincial council office to inform you about the threats we are faced. We are fed up with insecurity, kidnapping cases and several other threats. We want immediate attention in this regard,” said investors in the session. “We are giving you another chance to pay attention to our demands or else we will stop our activities,” Kunduz investors warned.

They said they are feared to send their children to school and training centers because of threat by kidnappers. “Security officials in Kunduz police chief are well-aware of the fact and know the kidnappers but they are reluctant to take any vital step for arresting them,” an investor from Kunduz said.

According to the provincial media office, a number of tribal elders were also present on the occasion.

Haji Aman Atmanzai, a tribal elder and investor in Kunduz prodded the government to address their problems otherwise they would be pushed to stop their business and leave the province. “We highly request the security agencies to beef up spy services in the province and arrest kidnappers,” he said.

Head of Kunduz provincial council, Mohammad Yousuf Ayubi, described security situation in Kunduz as worst than before, and said kidnapping, armed robberies and murders have raised in the province  and this is the time that the government should come up with concrete and tight security measures to overcome the challenges and ensure safe environment for Kunduz investors and residents.

Confirming a number of remarks by Kunduz investors and tribal elders, Mohammad Omar Safi, the provincial, said there are a number of figures among businessmen that want to create plots for security officials in the province and work for their interests.

Radio Azadi quoted the governor of Kunduz on Saturday, as saying that it was better that the Kunduz investors held a session with him rather than holding a session with provincial council members to share their problems with them.

“There is no doubt that security in Kunduz city’s outskirts has worsened. I agree with concerns by Kunduz investors, but it was better that they shared their problems with me, not with the provincial council,” he added.

It comes as Kunduz has recently witnessed a series of activities by militants in some of its parts, particularly the outskirts of Kunduz city.

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