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‘International Community, govt. must bring perpetrators and supporters before justice’

AT-KABUL: The Civil Activists on Saturday said that recent terrorist attacks from capital to provinces are war crime against humanity, the Afghan government and International community must bring perpetrators and their supporters before justice.

“Targeting worshipers in Kabul, Ghor and attacks in Kandahr, Paktia and Ghazni are the sign of war crime against humanity and humanitarian laws, which must be registered in international courts by government of Afghanistan and International Community in order to bring perpetrators and their supporters before justice,” said civil activists in a resolution.

Civil activists asked the Afghan government’s partner countries and United Nations to feel responsibility regarding UN Security Council’s resolutions and help Afghanistan in the aspect.

“Recent attack in capital and provinces are against humanity, thus government must take proper policy in hand to overcome challenges in the country,” said Member of Citizen Movement Civil Society Organization Mahdi Mubasher.

He said that government must take serious measure regarding ramp up insecurity in order Afghanistan not to face Syria fate.

Member of Rawand Hamdigar Paziri (trend of accepting each other) Mohammad Shafiq while condemning recent terrorist attacks, said that “Afghan people must keep unity and seduce by enemies in order to reach peace and stability.”

Discord and following enemies policy is the main factor behind crisis in Afghanistan, he added.

He said that some figures seduced by enemies killing innocent Afghans, destroying homeland and infrastructures, thus they must return from wrong path to the right trail.

Another civil activist Nasir Stanikzai said that terrorist not only target Afghan forces or a specific tribe, they target all Afghans, all tribes, youths, elders, women and children, military and civilians.

Terrorist is not one group, but 21 one group targeting people, which are supporting by different region countries particularly Pakistan, he noted.

Pointing to bravely fighting of Afghan forces against terrorists, he said that we all Afghans are backing our Afghan forces at any condition.

Head of the Third Way Civil Society organization Masoud Momen said that terrorist aim is to target civilians, militaries and destroy Afghanistan’s infrastructures and institutions.

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