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International Consensus on Afghan Peace Stressed

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KABUL: Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai, Head of the Negotiation Team of Afghanistan and some members of the negotiation team met with Deborah Lyons, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, in Doha.

At the beginning of the meeting, the head of the negotiation team spoke about the recent developments in the peace negotiation process, mentioning the United Nations’ key role in moving this process forward.

Mr. Stanekzai said that there is a need to maintain and strengthen the national and international consensus on the peace process. He added that the UN’s role could be very effective in this regard.

Other members of the Negotiation Team of the Afghanistan also spoke about the peace negotiation process and shared their views with the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan.

Emphasizing the strengthening of the internal consensus and the United Nations’ cooperation in this regard, Deborah Lyons said that the organization would be regularly present during the peace process to monitor this process and ensure its progress closely.

Ms. Lyons also shed light on her efforts to strengthen regional consensus and diplomacy to support Afghanistan’s peace process.

Saying that the peace process is a time-consuming process and the opportunity created should be used properly, she said that our actions should not slow down the current peace negotiation process or affect its credibility.

Speaking about the recent issues related to Afghanistan’s peace process, the UN Secretary General’s representative said that the international community’s efforts for achieving peace in Afghanistan should be coordinated, and the government structures, Constitution and people of Afghanistan should be respected in this process.

Emphasizing that this process must be moved forward in a measured and correct manner and the Afghan people must be assured of these developments, she said that the result of the international community’s collective efforts and actions for peace must be per the demands and interests of the Afghan people, and ensure stability in the country.

Ms. Lyons, emphasizing the need for a ceasefire, called the escalation of violence in Afghanistan a matter of concern and reaffirmed the United Nations’ full cooperation in supporting the Afghanistan peace process.

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