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Introduction to Regional Studies Center, Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan

By Saifullah Ahmadzai, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan

Regional Studies Center (RSCA) was established in 2006 by the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan within the framework of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan. The Center pursues its core objectives to do research on political, economic, cultural, social and historical domains and strives to take into account geopolitical and geostrategic location of the country and to make use of available sources and potentials in order to execute scientific and academic research.

This center is involved in writing research projects, organizing scientific seminars, workshops and conferences at the regional level and publishing, compiling and translating scientific books, papers and articles. We have completed 197 research projects about Afghanistan’s relations and cooperation with the regional countries, political, economic, & social situation and foreign policies of countries in the region.

In addition the center has published 54 volumes of journal titled as “Regional Studies”, 896 academic articles on [Pashto, Dari, English & Balochi] languages and 41 scientific books. Moreover; with the establishment of Mahmood Tarzi Think Tank in the structure of Regional Studies Center analysts and experts are working to investigate important national and regional issues and so far, organized more than fifty analytical and scientific meetings, and conferences on various topics of national interest.

The center has 26 young academic staff (Cadres), all of them have completed higher education up to master’s degree and majority have background in political science & international relations. Members of the (RSCA) share their scientific research and credible information about regional countries, regional organizations, regional issues and the role of Afghanistan as a connecting bridge in the region with governmental officials and organizations. The college in (RSCA) has developed courses aimed at developing the intellectual capacity of the government employees, for instance has taught various courses on regional matters and Afghanistan’s relations with regional countries to the employees of the borders and tribal, internal affairs and defense ministries.

In order to identify regional countries, Regional Studies Center do investigations on Afghanistan’s political, economic and social relations with regional countries and regional organizations, the structure and activities of the regional organizations, regional cooperation and foreign relations, political & economic situation of the regional countries. Regional Studies Center plays an important role in the analysis of the regional economic and political issues, therefore; it worth mentioning that this center can be used for the development of regional cooperation and expansion of relations with regional countries. Moreover; this is the only center for analysis of regional issues in the country so it is necessity that (RSCA) should function with its present structure to work for the enhancing capacity of the government employees, stabilization of the state and do research on updated and important regional issues.

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